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The "Tiny Star" at her slip in Mahone Bay1094 views05/01/12 at 18:57growlerman: looks like the lunenburg yacht club. are you stil...
Cavendysh #331 For Sale1954 viewsShe has had only one owner before me and sailed only on Lake Erie, thus in freshwater her whole life. The bottom and desk are in great shape and she has new sails, traveller, windvane, radio, etc. I was slowly trying to outfit her for Ocean sailing during my 4 years with her. She is also license with the US Coast Guard. If interested, please read my Market selling list for the boat. I will be happy to talk. There are many other photos of Cavendysh in this Gallery, enter Cavendysh or 331 in the search box.04/27/11 at 03:46bmjnyc: Cavendysh
Biksen Desolation Sound 20091336 views09/15/09 at 12:04Jose Salvador: nice... what is Biksen's hull/sail number
Northern Spy II1169 viewsHere she is. What a beauty! I have since switched her to a furlilng jib rig which I find much better.08/11/09 at 12:43Jose Salvador: She dose look verry nice.
Anchor frame1604 viewsAnchor frame on Suselle05/20/09 at 04:37jimco48: Looks very impressive, she must be in the wat...
1762 views11/24/08 at 23:39Jose Salvador: Wish I could have been there.... She looks go...
Now she is high in the sky - HaulOut 20081185 views10/20/08 at 06:12stefan_d: wow that front belt is pretty far forward... why ...
1289 views09/03/08 at 10:31stefan_d: theres not even any teak on it yet its all stil...
1289 views09/03/08 at 08:59Jose Salvador: It's looking real good
Shannon's New Baby (inside)1353 viewsThe interior of Shanon's new boat.08/17/08 at 06:59Kristin: Shannon! You got a new boat, yay! What is her na...
Untold Want1185 viewsfinally in the water08/15/08 at 08:51Jose Salvador: It looks realy good... good sailing:_P
"After" pic of Suselle1221 viewsHere's Suselle all ready to launch. Now all I need is a repaired engine, mast, sails..... getting there!08/03/08 at 15:15suzeh: I had her shipped to Penetanguishene. The fibregl...
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